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2011 Holiday Lunch – Saturday December 3rd

Join SoCal Volvo Sports America this Saturday December 3rd at 12 noon for our annual holiday lunch! Same location as last year:

Frisco’s Carhop 12PM
4750 Los Coyotes Diagonal
Long Beach, CA 90815

Frisco’s is great fun for any car nut, and we’ll enjoy lunch in a classic diner setting where the servers really wear roller skates! Not only that, we’ll have:

• 2012 SoCal VSA color Volvo calendars distributed free to all current members on the spot!

• T shirts from the epic 1800 50th Anniversary Celebration only $15 each!

• Free goodie bags (including Volvo keychains) from the 50th meet to anyone who wants one!

• Photo slideshow of all 2011 Volvo events- come look for your Volvo in the pictures!

• Anyone who joins Volvo Sports America at the holiday lunch will receive a 2012 club calendar as a gift.

• Important discussion regarding the future of the club.

• This is the perfect time to meet and greet your fellow enthusiasts and catch up on all things Volvo.

Grab any available spot right out front, look for us in the banquet room inside. Lunch Specials are $6.99! Bring cash so we can efficiently split the group check. Remember, we are convening at Frisco’s Long Beach location NOT City of Industry. If you have any questions feel free to email

Thanks and see you there!


Volvo Invites You to the LA Auto Show! – Saturday November 19th

Our friends at Volvo Cars North America have invited all VSA members to the Volvo stand at the 2011 Los Angeles Auto Show on Saturday November 19th from 9AM to 10PM!

Click here to view the invitation. There will be a special Volvo owners lounge, so bring your Volvo key with you to gain access and enjoy coffee and Swedish treats with fellow Volvo owners. Parking and auto show admission are separate. While you check out the Concept You and other 2012 Volvos like the S60 R-Design, you can also admire VSA member Vickie and Tom Lamb’s P1800 on display at the show!

The LA Auto Show runs from November 18-27th, click here for admission information.


Congratulations to the 1800 50th Concours Winners!

With over 125 Volvos present at the 1800 50th Anniversary Celebration in Malibu on October 15th, and the vast majority of those entered in Saturday’s concours, the field was extremely competitive! Co-Captains Art Banks, Bill Webb, Karl Grimm, and over 30 volunteer judges had their hands full evaluating all the impeccably prepared vintage Volvos entered in the show. Congratulations to everyone who brought their Volvos from across the USA and Canada to participate! Here is the official list of class and show winners:

All stock P1800 coupes present were awarded trophies to recognize their preservation of the Volvo P1800 automobile fifty years after production began. In total, nine of these early Jensen-built coupes joined us in Malibu including the modified coupes of Donald Gawronski, Bob Cuthill, and Munyungo Jackson.

Jim Ansley – 1962 P1800
Dick Garson – 1962 P1800
John Hokkanen – 1962 P1800
Richard Kelley – 1962 P1800
Vickie Lamb – 1962 P1800
Richard Montgomery – 1962 P1800

FIRST PLACE: Mark Brenner – 1965 1800S
SECOND PLACE: Les Naegle – 1965 1800S
THIRD PLACE: Ted Brough – 1967 1800S

FIRST PLACE: Ken Porcell – 1970 1800E
SECOND PLACE: Russell Orrell – 1972 1800E
THIRD PLACE: Hank Seligsohn – 1970 1800E

FIRST PLACE: Dean Koehler – 1973 1800ES
SECOND PLACE: Chris Feddersohn – 1973 1800ES
THIRD PLACE: Brad Benson – 1972 1800ES

STOCK 1900
FIRST PLACE: Lars Jansson – 1957 1900
SECOND PLACE: Dave Hunt – 1956 1900

STOCK 444-544
FIRST PLACE: Michael Parmley – 1964 544
SECOND PLACE: Julie Delaney – 1958 444

FIRST PLACE: Cheryl von der Hellen – 1964 122
SECOND PLACE: Pat Ieraci – 1968 122
THIRD PLACE: Jon Manji – 1967 122

Karl Grimm – 1970 1800E

Michael Dudek – 1973 1800ES
Cal Terry – 1972 1800ES

STOCK 140-160-240-260
FIRST PLACE: Michael Palmer – 1978 242 GT

STOCK 700-900-S-V
FIRST PLACE: Scott Montgomery – 1990 780
SECOND PLACE: Thomas Beard – 1996 960
THIRD PLACE: Stephen Montgomery – 1997 960

FIRST PLACE: Tom & Barbara Dougherty – 1999 C70

MODIFIED 1800 1961-69
FIRST PLACE: Donald Gawronski – 1962 P1800
SECOND PLACE: Bob Cuthill – 1961 P1800
THIRD PLACE: Ted Zachary – 1969 1800S

FIRST PLACE: Gary Sievert – 1970 1800E
SECOND PLACE: Judi Hanf – 1971 1800E
THIRD PLACE: Robert Morrison – 1971 1800E

FIRST PLACE: Ken Parkhurst – 1973 1800ES
SECOND PLACE: Don Stannard – 1973 1800ES
THIRD PLACE: Howard Haefner – 1973 1800ES

FIRST PLACE: Tracy Conn – 1967 122 S
SECOND PLACE: William Sherlock – 1970 122 S
THIRD PLACE: Morgan Rich – 1964 220

MODIFIED 140-160-240-260
FIRST PLACE: Sheldon Roth – 1981 242
SECOND PLACE: Dave Barton – 1984 242
THIRD PLACE: Tim Otters – 1980 242

FIRST PLACE: Cecil Yother Jr. – 1995 850 T5R
SECOND PLACE: Munyungo Jackson – C70

Michael Parmley – 1964 544

Tom & Barbara Dougherty – 1999 C70

Ken Parkhurst – 1973 1800ES

Richard Kelley – 1962 P1800

Ken Parkhurst – 1973 1800ES

Chris Buscher – 1967 210 – Over 700,000 Miles

Gary Sievert – 1970 1800E – 2400 Miles

Toni & Liselotte Egli – Effretikon, Switzerland – 5900 Miles

We had some exceptional Volvo race cars on display from the following drivers, and all are recognized as winners in competition.

Bruce Ackerman
Dale Eriksen
Ken Rodenbush

If you’re on this list, congratulations on restoring, maintaining, and presenting your Volvo in such excellent condition! And thank you to all of you who attended the VSA West Coast National Meet.


A Volvo Weekend To Remember

The Volvo Sports America West Coast National Meet this October 14-16th in Malibu was a record breaking success!

Friday saw over a hundred Volvo enthusiasts gather at the Hotel Angeleno to mingle at the reception hosted by Mike Dudek of iRoll Motors. Visitors from British Columbia, Georgia, Texas and all over the western United States made the journey in their vintage Volvos, from 122s to Duetts to 1800 coupes and ESs. By evening the parking lot behind the iconic hotel was full of Swedish steel, visible to anyone driving by on the 405 freeway.

Owners socialized and enjoyed hosted appetizers poolside before turning in for a rest or prepping their cars for the morning’s big show. As the sun rose on Saturday, Volvos were already streaming in to the parking lot of Gladstone’s Malibu. Premiere Presenting Sponsor Volvo Cars North America brought their entire 2012 model lineup, and attendees took turns test driving the new power-boosted S60 R-Design along the Pacific Coast Highway.

• View this image in high resolution.

Tech sessions were well attended such as Tim Otters and his custom 400+ hp 242, Bruce Ackerman and his winning 1800 race car, Mike Dudek on vintage Volvo steering boxes, and Lii Montgomery on SU carburetor tuning. Lii’s son Scott gave “hands on” SU tuning demos with several 1800s outside, as the sun burned brightly over the meet and the Pacific Ocean. Raffle prizes donated by two dozen Volvo supporters including Volvo Cars North America, IPD USA, iRoll Motors, Swedish Speed, Heatblok, Dan Fredman PR, and Volvo Club of British Columbia, were distributed to lucky winners throughout the day. But the real draw was the car show! Over 125 Volvos in total with over 75 1800s including 22 ESs, 9 Jensen-built coupes, and 2 P1900s made this a VSA West Coast National Meet for the record books.

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Thirty judges worked in teams to judge over 80 Volvos entered in the concours. Prizes were distributed by Art Banks and Karl Grimm, Concours Co-Captains, at the celebratory banquet dinner held Saturday evening inside the Gladstones Malibu Sunset Room. Best in Show winners included Mike Parmley and his ’64 544 for Stock Early Production, Tom and Barbara Dougherty and their ’99 C70 for Stock Late Production, while Ken Parkhurst took Best In Show Modified and the “Golden Cam Shaft” award with his incredible custom ’73 ES. The “Road Warrior” trophy went to Richard Kelley’s ’62 P1800 (with peeling paint and all), while Chris Buscher took highest mileage for over 700K on his 210 Duett. Guests dined while listening to VCNA Sales & Marketing Manager Greg Hembrough talk about his lifelong love affair with Volvos- a sentiment understood by everyone in the room. Thanks were given to all the event’s sponsors, volunteers and organizers, with special thanks to Art Banks and Bill Webb for organizing the Concours, Ernie Shack of Arizona VSA for originally envisioning the event, and SoCal VSA Chapter Coordinator Dylan Osborn for his leadership in making it possible. To end the evening on a sweet note, Kent Swahn of Swahn Motors brought out an impressive cake that showcased a red Volvo P1800 in three dimensions.

• View this image in high resolution.

Sunday saw three dozen Volvos caravan from the Hotel Angeleno up to Thousand Oaks, via a stunning canyon drive from the 101 to PCH on Encinal Canyon Road with ocean views. The drive was orchestrated by SoCal VSA member Doug Gagliardi, and everyone agreed it was a beautiful and enjoyable cruise. The destination was Mike Malamut’s Vintage Auto Museum, a hidden jewel for lovers of antique cars and relics of bygone eras- from the giant Bob’s Big Boy statue to the tiny BMW Isetta 300s. Lunch and a group photo capped off the weekend before engines fired up again and the crowd headed for home, with great memories to keep them company along the way.

Text by Lelah Baker-Rabe, Photos by Tom Lamb.

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