Event Recap: Temecula Valley Wine Tour 2010

SoCal VSA members and their Volvos recently joined the San Diego VSA for the annual Temecula Valley Wine Tour hosted by Tom Dougherty (in his white 73 1800ES). He describes the event below.

It was a beautiful typical Southern California spring day and a perfect day for anyone to enjoy being outdoors. This year’s Temecula Valley Wine Tour sponsored by SDVSA was enjoyed by 13 cars and 20 participants. This year Volvo fans came from Los Angeles, Orange County, San Diego and Riverside County. We also enjoyed seeing past attendees from as far away as Prescott, AZ. The cars this year ranged from a PV544, four 1800 series, a 142, a 242, a740 wagon, a 960 wagon, a 850 wagon, a C30, a new XC60 and a Saab.

Two new Volvo enthusiasts, Thomas and Martin, got their 1964 PV544 back from the paint shop just in time for the wine tour. All of the trim and bumpers were re-chromed and the interior was refurbished as well. (Photo by Tom Lamb)

We began to form our tour group at the traditional Mobil Gas Station on Temecula Pkwy. We were on the road to the first winery by 10:35 AM and arrived at the all new Monte De Oro by 11:00 AM. The most stunning thing about this winery is its tasting area. The floor is a transparent re-enforced glass that is also over their vat storage area.  You can look at their large barrels through the floor.

There was an unexpected but unique lineup of our cars that was an alternating red and white series of Volvos. A Valentine’s day mystery moment? (Photo by Tom Lamb)

We finally gathered again and headed over to the next winery, the “Masia De Yabar” which we first visited last year. They had a few new award winning wines and expanded their outdoors patio which also has a very scenic view. We purposely visited here because they’re also one of the fewer wineries that allow picnicking as well.

A parking lot full of VSA Volvos at the Masia De Yabar winery. (Photo by Lelah Baker-Rabe)

Our final destination was the “Cougars” winery which was located conveniently right next door to where we had lunch. It was around 1:15 PM when we parked and went into the tasting room. They’re a popular stop for all the tour buses and was quite busy.  The owner recognized our club and reminded us of past visits. They offered a separate area with tables to us for those of us who were still interested in tasting their wines.

Buses of tourists regularly come to sample some of the award winning wines now being produced in the Temecula Valley. We’re now up to 31 wineries and growing. (Photo by Tom Lamb)

At around 2:00 o’clock in the afternoon and pretty much on time we had concluded our springtime rites of a tour through the wine valleys. Many thanks to all the folks who managed to come out to Temecula and share this annual Volvo event. Each year a few new people hear about the tour and join in also for the Volvo comradeship. They are proud of their Volvos and want to meet other enthusiasts who’ll share their experiences and resources. It’s also a great way to add membership to our clubs.

Article by Tom Dougherty


Annual Temecula Valley Wine Tour – 2/13/10

We’re only 8 days away from the annual wine valley tour and we’ve finalized the selection of wineries to visit. We will meet at the traditional meeting spot at the Mobil Gas Station located on Temecula Parkway/Hwy 79 at 10:00 AM. The station is next to the east bound exit (58) from the I-15 for Temecula Parkway. We will depart from the Mobil station at 10:30 AM. The route will take us through the Temecula Wine Valley.

We had a bit of a challenge selecting wineries again this year because a lot of the wineries are adding restaurants and caterers so “picnicking spots” vs. “where we’ve visited in the past” starts to overlap. This year we’re visiting a new winery that opened a couple of months ago – Monte De Oro – a really high end winery with a unique tasting room and “floor” and spectacular view. Then onto Masia De Yabar which we visited last year BUT also now has an nice outdoor picnic area and would allow us to have our own reserved area for a picnic lunch. They will also have some cheese, crackers and Salami available for purchase if you don’t bring a picnic lunch. Finally, if its raining (although my farmers almanac say we should have a nice day) we could use the third winery – Cougars – indoor picnicking area as well as tasting their wines which is a nice deal at 9 tastes for $10.00. There will also be some live entertainment at both wineries starting at 2:00 PM.

I will have copies of the map and some local literature to hand out when we meet at the Mobil station. In the future we’re also considering a wine tour in the Fall but meet in Temecula Old Town and visit some of the wineries that have set up tasting facilities in town. There’s a large choice of restaurants and ample parking so food for thought.

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You can download the complete flyer here.

Many Thanks,

Tom Dougherty

Wine Tour Map 2010


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