Event Recap: Cars & Coffee, SCVCOA Picnic 2010

Club members line up their Volvos at VCOA's 2010 spring picnic. (Photo by Dylan Osborn)

Spring is the ideal time to take your Volvo for a drive, and this year’s SoCal VSA spring ritual began early with a meet up at Cars and Coffee. Several club members braved the dark and cold to rise early and get to the event before 7AM to find a spot. It’s truly remarkable to be in a traffic jam of the most interesting and exotic cars you can imagine, all filing into the former parking lot of the Ford Premier Auto Group headquarters.

Cars and Coffee is a diverse gathering with something for every kind of car enthusiast. VSA Volvos like Dylan Osborn's '67 1800S got attention among the muscle cars and Porsches. (Photo by Dylan Osborn)

By 7:15 the lot was full, but everyone found spots for their Volvos which received plenty of attention from the crowds. The next couple of hours allowed us to circulate around and see what other interesting rides showed up. When was the last time you saw an Iso Rivolta, much less two of them parked next to each other? Cars and Coffee is organized every week in Irvine, and if you love cars you won’t find a better excuse to get up early on a Saturday.

Robin Rich's 122 wagon found a spot across from Roger von der Hellen's restored 122 sedan and Richard Montgomery's Jensen-built P1800. Ted Brough's 1800S rubbed elbows with VWs and 356s a few rows away. (Photo by Dylan Osborn)

Mike Palmer's 242 GT may not have fins, but it was welcome at Cars and Coffee. (Photo by Dylan Osborn)

Cars and Coffee winds down by 9AM, so we rolled out to nearby Irvine Regional Park for the second (and more Volvo-centric) event of the day: the 10th annual spring Volvo picnic hosted by Dave Barton and SoCal Volvo Club of America. It’s always an enjoyable event in a beautiful setting with good barbecue, and this year was no exception. Volvo owners mingled and discussed their latest projects, from trunk seals to transmission swaps. SoCal VCOA maintains a useful year-round calender of Volvo events on their website: http://www.scvcoa.org/

The Volvo 240 series was well represented at the picnic. In the foreground, Dave Barton recently converted his to a manual transmission. (Photo by Dylan Osborn)

To add a little DIY excitement to the afternoon, Roger von der Hellen performed an SU carburetor needle swap on Dylan Osborn’s 1800S while other club members looked on and offered tools. As a retired West Coast Technical Trainer for Volvo, Roger has done extensive research on carburetor setups for vintage Volvos- his findings will be offered in a future post here at SoCal VSA.

The swap from KD to KN needles in the dual SUs was made for better fuel economy in the B20 engine without sacrificing performance. So long as your needles aren't stuck in the dashpot, this is an easy procedure you can do with screwdrivers. (Photo by Dylan Osborn)

All in all it was a delightful spring Saturday of hanging out with fellow Volvo owners, and putting more enjoyable miles on our vintage Swedish iron.


Cars & Coffee, SCVCOA Picnic – Saturday March 20th

VSA Volvos on display at last year's Car & Coffee event, before heading over to the annual VCOA spring picnic at Irvine Regional Park. We will be doing both events again this year.

For the 10th year in a row, our friends at the Southern California chapter of the Volvo Club of America are holding their Spring Picnic. The event will again be held at Irvine Regional Park from 9 AM to 2 PM. This is a beautiful setting to hang out with other vintage Volvo owners and see their cars on display. For complete details about the picnic, click here:


As we’ve done for the past couple of years, SoCal VSA invites vintage Volvo owners to join us for a little “pre-meet” at the weekly Cars & Coffee event in Irvine. Although last year we went for a “roped-off” section dedicated to Volvos, this year we’ll make it a little less formal. Just show up to Cars & Coffee and find a place wherever. Cars & Coffee technically begins at 7 AM, but you’ll want to be there earlier if you want a good spot. Trust me, if you get there later than 6:45 AM you will be parking in the spectator garage. Note that we will not have a reserved section of show parking this year, so just park wherever. Cars & Coffee is held at the former world headquarters of Ford’s Premier Auto Group (now a Taco Bell corporate building!) at 7905 Gateway Blvd., Irvine, CA 92618. More info about Cars & Coffee can be found at the following links:

Info: http://irvine.carsandcoffee.info./
General weekly photos: http://www.cncpics.com

We will drive over to the SCVCOA picnic once Cars & Coffee wraps up. For accurate, tested driving directions that do not utilize the toll roads, click here. To discuss this event with other members in our forum, click here.

See you Saturday morning!


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