3rd Annual SoCal Swedish Car Fest – Sat, June 5th

The Southern California Chapter of Volvo Sports America (VSA) and RIGHT SOLUTION, INC (www.saabtech.net) are proud to announce the 3rd Annual SoCal Swedish Car Fest! For the last two years, this event has been a hit every June. Each year, dozens of Volvo and SAAB enthusiasts have congregated for a unique, casual, fun Saturday filled with enjoyment of Scandinavian design and engineering. Moreover, this event falls on the same weekend as National Day of Sweden. Best of all, this event is totally FREE!

The Swedish Car Fest is for absolutely ANY Swedish vehicle, no matter what model, age, or condition. Got that old SAAB 900 you bummed off your uncle to use during art school, or that Volvo 760 wagon you use as your work “truck”? What about your super-rare, concours-restored Volvo P1900? Bring ’em all!

Event Flyer

Event Flyer

This year will be returning to Ruby’s Diner in Redondo Beach (see link below for directions). Ruby’s beautiful ocean-front location, perennial car club support, and tasty summer menu combine to make this an ideal location. Be sure to thank the Ruby’s staff whenever you see them during the event! In case there’s any doubt, SoCal VSA won’t be providing any refreshments or beverages for this event, but we do plan to have discount coupons available for when you decide to take a break from shop talk to grab your lunch inside or outside Ruby’s Diner.

SAAB hoods 2008

A mixture of SAABs line it up for the inaugural event in 2008

As before, we anticipate having a well-stocked raffle during the show. Tickets will be available ($1 for 1, $5 for 6) starting at 11 am. We will also be awarding trophies in 6 people’s-choice categories. All participants will receive ballots upon arrival at Ruby’s; please be sure to submit your completed ballot no later than 12 noon, so that it can be counted. Trophies will be awarded in the following categories:

  • Best “Old School” Volvo
  • Best “New School” Volvo
  • Best “Old School” SAAB
  • Best “New School” SAAB
  • Best Road Warrior
  • Highest Mileage (last year’s winner showed over 400k)

Ceramic "Gas Pump" trophies will be back by popular demand!

This event is the highlight of the SoCal VSA calendar each year. Many hours of planning and preparation have been invested, and we look forward to seeing all of you on Saturday, June 5th!

For directions to Ruby’s (Google Maps), use the following link:

Ruby’s Diner, 245 N. Harbor Drive, Redondo Beach, CA 90277

To discuss or comment on this event in our chapter discussion forums, click here.


Event Recap: 2010 Davis Volvo Show

SoCal VSA members Roger Fritch, Tom Dougherty, and Roger von der Hellen contributed to this article about their trip to the 12th annual Davis Volvo Show.

Photo by Roger Fritch

Seven VSA Volvos made the 800 mile round trip from southern California to Davis for this year’s Volvo Show hosted by the Golden Gate chapter of VCOA. Munyungo Jackson in his 960 wagon, Roger von der Hellen in his 122 wagon, Ted Brough with his 1967 1800S, Richard Montgomery with his 1963 P1800, Tom Dougherty with his 1973 1800ES, Roger Fritch in his 1968 220 wagon, and Mike Palmer with his 242 GT all took the “Highway 99 health food tour” on their way to the event- so called because of all the fast food restaurants they stopped at. With clear blue skies and lots of interesting towns to see, they kept it at an approximate 65 MPH. Vintage Volvo speedometers can vary- but Roger Fritch tested his using GPS beforehand, and found that it was only 4 miles off on a 500 mile trip with dead accurate speed readings. Pretty good for a 42 and a half year old car.

Photo by Tom Dougherty

Davis is a beautiful town with charming homes and plenty of students around thanks to the University of Davis. The trees of Davis Central Park provided shade for about 160 Volvos at this year’s VCOA event, with cars from as far away as Portland, Minnesota, and of course SoCal. There was a truly wide selection of Volvos to see from vintage 544s, 122s, and 1800s like the VSA cars to tricked out 240s, 850s, right up to the brand new C70s, C30s, and XC60s. Even an ultra rare P1900 showed up.

Photo by Tom Dougherty

Photo by Roger Fritch

The rarely seen interior of a Volvo P1900. Photo by Tom Dougherty

Spectators strolled the grounds learning about Volvos, and with raffles and prizes everybody had a great time. Our own Mike Palmer won the 240 class for the second year in a row with his 242 GT. In a spontaneous moment, a lady in a 122S approached the VSA group and inspired a rendition of Janis Joplin’s “Mercedez Benz” with Munyungo on percussion and the rest of the guys as background. She certainly looked the part, and the song choice was apt for a car show.

"Janis Joplin" sings with Munyungo Jackson on percussion. Photo by Richard Montgomery

The drive home that night got a bit hairy going over the grapevine, but everyone and their vintage Volvos made it home safe and sound. A good time had by all, with some unexpected rhythm added to the day!


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