Event Recap: 2010 Swedish Car Fest

The vintage Volvos of SoCal Volvo Sports America made up a good share of the cars on display in Redondo Beach this year. From left, 122S, 1800S, 1800ES, and 220 wagon.

Another first Saturday of June, another packed gathering of Volvo and Saab enthusiasts! This year’s 3rd annual Swedish Car Fest sponsored by Right Solution brought together over 50 Swedish cars old and new, from all over Southern California. Their owners enjoyed mingling, learning about the “other” Swedish marque (Volvo or Saab, depending on the car you brought to the show), eating at Ruby’s Diner, and winning a variety of cool Volvo/ Saab gear and car care supplies in SoCal VSA’s biggest raffle ever. If you love Swedish cars or vintage cars, Ruby’s Diner was the place to be this June 5th.

Ruby's sets the perfect stage for any automotive gathering. SoCal VSA member Ken Parkhurst's 1934 Ford Victoria found a spot next to Brad Benson's Bertone coupe as an official "Honorary Swede."

Winners at the 3rd Annual Swedish Car Fest claimed the now-coveted gas pump trophy as follows:

  • Best “New School” Saab – Christian Martell 1996 900SE
  • Best “New School” Volvo – Tom Dougherty 1999 C70
  • Best “Old School” Saab – Bud Clark 1962 Quantum III
  • Best “Old School” Volvo – Jim Ansley 1962 P1800
  • Best “Road Warrior” – TIE Aaron Wenstrom 1982 240 Turbo & Mark Wallin 1986 245 DL pickup
  • Highest Mileage – Bud Clark 1987 Saab 9000 Turbo with 742,376 miles

Many impeccably cared for modern Saabs were on display including several Viggens, but Christian Martell's shiny 900SE took home the trophy for "New School" Saab.

What's wrong with this picture? Mark Wallin's custom 245 DL wagon-turned-pickup tied in the "Road Warrior" category with Aaron Wenstrom's modified and drag-strip ready 240 Turbo.

Bud Clark's ultra-rare Saab Quantum III prototype (one of only two in existence) led an impressive lineup of Saab Sonnets in the Swedish Car Fest's front row. Bud's tow vehicle for the Quantum, a 1987 Saab 9000 Turbo, also won a trophy for highest mileage. Southern California Saab and Volvo owners, if you have more than 742,376 miles on your odometer be sure to show up at next year's Swedish Car Fest for a shot at the 2011 trophy!

The engine bay of Jim Ansley's restored and beautifully original P1800 gave show-goers insight into what Volvos looked like when they rolled off the assembly line in 1962. The Ansley-Murphy's won the hotly contested Best "Old School" Volvo category with this red Jensen P1800.

This table full of car care and accessories found happy owners during our raffle. Thanks to everyone who bought raffle tickets to support SoCal VSA!

SoCal Volvo Sports America would like to thank everyone who contributed to make this year’s Car Fest such a success:

And last but not least, thanks to all the Saab owners who came out for this joint show. SoCal VSA looks forward to planning more events with the SoCal Saab community in the future.


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