Volvo Cars North America Presents The Volvo 1800 50th Anniversary Celebration – Friday October 14th to Sunday October 16th 2011

Get your Volvo ready to celebrate! Volvo Cars North America (VCNA) has stepped forward to become the Premiere Presenting Sponsor for Volvo Sports America’s West Coast National Meet to be held the weekend of October 14-16th 2011. This huge west coast assembly of Volvo enthusiasts is in honor of the 50th anniversary of the iconic P1800 sports car as well as the 35th anniversary of Volvo Sports America (VSA), the car club for all out-of-production Volvos. No one understands the appeal of the 1800 series better its creator, which is why VSA is proud to partner with VCNA in planning this once-in-a-lifetime celebration weekend for all Volvo enthusiasts old and new. Join us in Malibu this October!

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Download the registration form and mail it in today to guarantee your spot at the meet!

Download the latest press release announcing our sponsors, Volvo Cars North America and iRoll Motors.

Download the vendor form for information on renting space at the meet, advertising to Volvo enthusiasts, and donating to our raffle and goodie bags.

About the Volvo P1800 (excerpt from official Volvo press release)
The Volvo P1800, this alert 50-year-old, was never intended to be a mass-produced car. It was and still is a niche product, the top of the model range, yet at the same time viable enough to be within the reach of ordinary people who wanted a car that looked like a Ferrari but cost and functioned like a Volvo: pleasant, reliable and economical. It appealed to people even before it arrived in the showrooms in 1961 and its design has been shown to stand the test of time: it is timeless, classic and sporty in a well-balanced way.


Event Recap: 2011 Swedish Car Fest

If you were at Ruby’s Diner in Redondo Beach this Saturday June 4th 2011, you experienced SoCal Volvo Sports America’s biggest Swedish Car Fest ever thanks to our sponsor Right Solution! By lunchtime over 60 Saabs and Volvos filled the parking lot, and there was plenty to occupy their owner’s attention- from buying raffle tickets to meeting fellow enthusiasts to picking their favorite cars in the judging categories. Not to mention great food at a discount! All in all it was a beautiful day to unite the Swedish marques. Click here and here for high res photos of the parking lot!

The colorful vintage Volvo lineup featured some SoCal VSA cars including (from right to left) Roger Fritch's 1973 1800ES, Chapter Coordinator Dylan Osborn's 1967 1800S, Ted Brough's 1967 1800S, and Ken Parkhurst's custom 1800ES...

...while the vintage Saab crowd brought an equally colorful lineup of Sonnett's spanning the whole range of production! Thanks to all the Saab enthusiasts who made this year's show such a success.

"New School" Saabs were well represented, from 9-3s to the Turbo X!

There were at least a dozen 240s at the Car Fest this year, highlighted by these SCVSA member's 'stock' and 'modified' examples. At right, Jim Ansley's stunningly original '83 242 Ti, and at left, Tim Otter's fully customized '80 242 with over 400 hp!

Swedes of the 70s on display! In foreground, SCVSA member Doug Gagliardi's newly acquired 142S.

The lucky winners of the hotly contested gas pump trophies this year were:

  • Best “New School” Saab – Dan Palmquist 2008 Turbo X
  • Best “New School” Volvo – Michael Otero 2010 C30 R-Design
  • Best “Old School” Saab – Bud Clark 1962 Quantum III
  • Best “Old School” Volvo – Ken Parkhurst 1973 1800ES custom
  • Best “Road Warrior” – Drew Price 1985 900T
  • Highest Mileage – Sandy Schaneman 1973 Saab Sonnett with over 471,000 miles!

Sandy Schaneman, winner of the Highest Mileage trophy for her '73 Sonnett, stands next to her mechanic- Saab legend Bud Clark, himself a winner in the "Old School" Saab category with his incredibly rare Quantum III.

"New School" style: winners of the Saab and Volvo trophies were Michael Otero's C30 R-Design (with subtle debadging) and Dan Palmquist's back-in-black Turbo X.

A lot of effort went into the "Old School" winners. In foreground, Bud Clark's fully restored Quantum III, and beside it, Ken Parkhurst's supercharged 1800ES featuring Brembo brakes, "frenched" bodywork, and custom leather interior.

Drew Price accepts his trophy for "Road Warrior", and his black Saab 900T certainly looked the part with hood taken off to reveal plenty of modifications. Drew is part of the friendly and knowledgeable staff at Walter Wong's Right Solution.

SoCal Volvo Sports America sends a big thank you to our sponsor Right Solution, our gracious hosts at Ruby’s, our generous raffle donors listed below, and everyone who brought their Volvo or Saab to the show. If you’re looking for parts and accessories for your Swede, check out the folks who made possible our biggest raffle ever:

The crowd gathers for our raffle! Two tables full of Volvo and Saab gear found new owners thanks to our generous donors. Raffle proceeds allow SoCal VSA to put on more great events like this one!

Congratulations to our winners, and thanks for coming out to the Swedish Car Fest. We'll see you next year for the 5th Annual!


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