What is Distance Healing and its Healing Benefits?

A distance healer is someone who can heal spiritually someone far away, or remotely, in another place (city/country). So that a client/patient is open to Qi-healing by a distance healer, the time and date for distance healing are coordinated between them. To establish a closer etheric connection with patients, a picture is helpful. Visit our website and learn more about oklevueha native american church locations.

Why does it work?

These principles are based off the principles of pranic medicine:

Principle of transmittability. One person can transmit life force or vital energies to another.

Principle of Receptivity. To receive the projected pranic energetic, the patient must be receptive (or at least neutral). Relaxation is a good way to increase your receptivity. Receptivity is key to absorbing the projected prana energy. Or, at most, a very small percentage. Patients might not be open to this kind of healing because they don’t feel comfortable with the healer, they don’t want to get well, and they may be biased against it.

Principle of Interconnectedness. Since they are part the earth’s energy system, both the patient’s body and the healer’s body are interconnected. On a deeper level, this means that we are all part of the solar systems. All of creation is connected. The Principle of Oneness, also known as the Principle of Interconnectedness, is a principle that explains our interconnectedness.

Principle of directability. Life force is able to be directed. It follows where the attention is concentrated; it follows thought. Distant Pranic Healing is based both on the principle o directability and the principle o interconnectedness.

Healing Benefits of Distance Healing

Distance healing can provide the same healing benefits as regular Qi-healing sessions. Many clients feel lifted with an overall feeling of tingling and inner peace. Some clients described feeling lightness, rejuvenation, energized or joyful.


One-on-one pranic and Qi-healing sessions are preferable. However, distance healing is another option for those who prefer remote healing.

Buddha Kuan Yin serves as Ricardo’s main healing spiritual guide. Other ascended healing Masters are also available to assist with the distance healing session. To heal a patient’s disease from a distance, a spiritual healing master directs divine spiritual (God’s), energy or Tianqi through the higher spirit.