Alchemy and Crystal Healing for the Body and Soul

Earth’s consciousness aids humanity’s awakening and discovery of old, lost healing arts. Since crystals can contact universal energies and allow for integration and healing, the mineralogical Kingdom includes them. Every crystal has a unique personality that can be applied in new ways to aid understanding the Earth plane’s natural order. Crystals, nature’s gift, can be found in every shape, size, color, and composition. Crystals have their own unique vibrational resonances due to their different mineral contents and inherent geometry. These crystals can serve as healing tools.

It is the practice of using crystals, gemstones, and other healing tools on your body to activate points in the feet. A similar color crystal can be placed on the associated chakra to improve energy flow. Or one can meditate and hold the crystal in his hands, or the third eye (6th), to receive information or energy. They work holistically to heal all aspects of your body.

Since crystals have perfect electromagnetic conductors in nature, they can interact with vibrational energies of the entire human body. Research has shown that crystals have the ability to resonate and carry vibrations that can trigger certain energy centres, positively impacting our entire system. Some crystals also contain minerals that have healing properties. These are commonly used in modern medical practice. The crystals have piezoelectricity, meaning that they produce electricity or light from compression. Additionally, these crystals can make sound waves. Shamans, as well crystal healers, have known about the ability of crystals to focus light or sound vibrations and create concentrated rays for healing. They can help to resolve dis-ease and align subtle energies.

Use and reverence for crystals dates back to before the advent of civilization. The connection of crystals to certain organs or parts of the body has been established for many thousands ofyears. These connections have come from both traditional Western Astrology (or Eastern Astrology). Ayurvedic medicine in India and Chinese Medicine claims crystals may be able to cure ailments. There are over 200 references to crystals in the Christian Bible. These crystalline structures were found in Babylonia’s ancient ruins, as well as in Chinese and Egyptian tombs of rulers. Many of early civilizations on the Earth, such Aztec, Mayan, Aztec and American Indian, used quartz crystals during sacred ceremonies.

While it’s up to individuals to heal themselves, crystals and other catalytic tools can assist in the healing process. You don’t have to know what crystal you like best. However, it is possible to follow your gut instinct and choose one that captures the essence. These powerful, crystal-like beings can be sacred tools for us to help us along our individual paths. Crystal healing, an alchemical process which combines crystal energy with our core vibration, activates divine clarity.