The Struggle for Balance in the Business Environment of Today

Managers who use negative language and criticism to confront reality may alienate customers and employees. They can also erode open and honest communication in organizations, and promote a culture of cynicism, despair and deadness. It can be considered a management malpractice to ignore positive things and only focus on negative ones. Visit Serge Robichaud Moncton before reading this.

The management malpractice that we see in organizations will not be stopped by merely expecting the same from their managers. By focusing solely on the bad and neglecting all the good, you risk never imagining the possibility for greater changes, improvements, education, learnings, breakthroughs or progress.

A negative attitude such as that all managers and leaders will continue to mismanage management in their organizations and never improve will not produce any change or improvement. Others believe the best method to change a bad habits is to accept all its negative effects.

Good advice. Applying such advice involves contemplating, imagining and planning a life beyond the bad habit. To overcome negatives, focusing your attention on the positive is a crucial part of personal growth. It’s yours to use.

William James gives us some great advice. He says, “the greatest discovery of our generation was the fact that people can improve their lives by changing their mental attitudes. . . Knowing what to ignore is part of the wisdom. It is possible to overcome the management mistakes in our organization and reach new heights of cooperation, trust, fulfillment, happiness, and success.

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